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Keep your asphalt in good condition for decades with our sealcoating services. Our experienced professionals will clean out the cracks in your parking lot, driveway, or sidewalk, edge them, and seal the asphalt. Although we don't edge commercial parking lots, except churches, we provide quality cleaning for commercial sidewalks.

We'll make your driveway or sidewalk look like it was just laid out. For your convenience, we can seal a 3- to 4-year-old driveway very quickly.


Unlike our competition, we use a butt-edger that cuts the sod, the grass, and dirt away from the edges of your driveway as part of the preparation.

We can prevent asphalt cracking, except those caused by ground shifts. Discuss your needs with our asphalt restoration specialists in Twining.

Don't Leave Your Asphalt Vulnerable to Moisture, Chemicals and Gasoline

Residential asphalt needs sealer application every 2 to 3 years, or when you can see through it. A commercial business needs it every year due to increased traffic.


You should use the right sealer for your home to make sure it doesn't track. We use a quick-drying agent in the sealer so you can use your asphalt as soon as possible.

Seal the cracks in your asphalt to prevent water, sun, gas, oil, and other elements from deteriorating your asphalt. At Sunrise Seal, we use the SealMaster seal designed to withstand heat, cold, UV rays, and more. When you seal it, you have a maintenance program to prevent your asphalt from deteriorating in the future.

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Strengthen your asphalt with sealcoating services

Keep your asphalt from aging and lengthen its lifetime

Providing timely sealer application for your property

SealMaster Seal for Reliable and Lasting Solutions