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Cracks develop in asphalt over time and are inevitable. However, you can prevent further deterioration with our hot rubber crack filling services. Our asphalt restoration specialists clean the cracks, remove debris, and get the rubber to a specific temperature before pouring it in. With our seamless, efficient services, we can fill any crack.

At Sunrise Seal, we use top-quality products, such as Gator Cracking and GatorPave, in areas otherwise difficult to fill or extremely broken up.

Hot rubber crack filling is not available in the peak winters as the rubber solidifies as soon as it hits the cold surface and does not fill the space appropriately.

Hot Rubber Crack Filling for Your Residential Driveway and Parking Lot

Major, impossible-to-fill cracks occur primarily in driveways. Water trucks and propane trucks can cause severe cracks in your driveways.

Aside from hot rubber crack filling, we also provide residential and commercial sealcoating services using SealMaster pavement products and equipment. Our services also include line stripping and minor pothole repair. Get in touch with us now.

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Fill asphalt cracks for less with our assistance

Quality products that will fill all types of cracks

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Other asphalt restoration services you can count on:

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